InfoChambers Research

Private research assessed quietly.

q (at) infochambers (dot) com

Current primary research:
Database creation, modelling, and study based on assorted board and card games,
Multiple computer operating system and installation virtualization research,
Computer animated film production using open source video game production software
Github account: Infochambers.

For additional assorted current and ongoing research see also:
Watcher Point Entertainment at Flickr
Watcher Point Entertainment at YouTube.

Computer animated film production using video game production software:

Watcher Point Entertainment
To Make Any Movie, Any Way, Any Time.

How any individual, working alone or in small teams, can make any computer animated narrative movie, which is increasingly lifelike, using software which is point and click operated, extremely established, actively being developed and upgraded, and which is free of charge,
All while using a standard personal computer.

Additional assorted current and ongoing research:

Watcher Point Entertainment at Flickr.

Watcher Point Entertainment at YouTube.

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